Charley’s Taxi is Recruiting Independent Drivers

Drive for Charley's Taxi, take home cash daily.

There’s no better company than Charley’s Taxi if you like to drive and make good money. You don’t even need your own car and are free to set your schedule around taking your kids to school, helping care for elderly parents, or any other responsibilities you may have. There’s also no waiting for paychecks. Cash fares are money in your pocket and we pay out your credit card fares on demand.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Here are some comments from drivers who recently left the rideshare giants behind and started driving for Charley’s Taxi:

“The tips are 70 to 80% better than I when I drove for ride share” – J.W.

“When I saw how much the ride share company was taking from me, that’s when I decided to leave. With Charley’s, I keep my own money.” –  J.P.

“The ride share company I drove for paid me less than half of the fare, and then charged me General Excise Tax on the full fare at the end of the year. Now I am only paying my own taxes, not theirs.” – L.A.

Build on your driving experience and become a professional Taxi driver with Charley’s Taxi. We offer an opportunity to make good money and the freedom to set your own schedule.

Protecting Drivers like no other

We also protect drivers like no one else. Every vehicle is equipped with:

  • 2-way video camera (front & back view with audio)
  • 2-way radio
  • Emergency system that alerts Dispatch center and other drivers
  • GPS tracking

A Higher Standard

As you may have heard, Charley’s Taxi upholds a high standard for drivers. To qualify, you must:

  • Pass an FBI fingerprint background check.
  • Pass a Medical Exam by a Hawaii-licensed physician.
  • Pass an Oral Exam about the rules that mandate taking the most direct, economical route from pick-up to destination, no trip refusal meaning no discrimination except for disorderly customers, as well as knowing Honolulu’s major hospitals, government buildings and places of interest.
  • Pass a Written Exam about Regulations. This will test your knowledge and understanding of the Taxicab & Transportation Network Company rules that apply to Driving For Hire.
  • Pass a one-hour ride-along with one of our senior drivers.
  • Follow our COVID-19 Enhanced Cleaning Protocols.

When you’ve qualified we’ll provide you with exceptional training, some of which is required before you can start driving. We also offer on-going training and education to our drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much will I make? That depends on your hours and the customer service you provide, but mile for mile, you will definitely make more money.
  2. How many fares will I have per hour? Will I be sitting around waiting to get passengers? Our drivers rarely sit around idle. In addition to regular taxi customers we have many established accounts and routes that keep our drivers very busy. Notably, Japanese tour companies contract with us because Japanese tourists typically want taxis only and do not trust ride-sharing programs. Once you prove yourself, you can drive for our regular corporate accounts, which we find for you.
  3. I like app-based transportation companies because they’re progressive and tech savvy. Phoning for a taxi is outdated. Charley’s Taxi also has an App that customers can use to book a taxi and we offer booking online, by phone, and by email in English and Japanese.
  4. Do I have to share my tips with the company? NO! Your tips belong to you.
  5. When do I get paid? Every day if you like. We pay out cash for your credit card charges during office hours (Monday through Friday, from noon to 4pm).
  6. Do taxis charge Surge Prices? NO!
  7. What if I get in an accident? You will be covered by commercial insurance and our 2-way camera will quickly exonerate you if it wasn’t your fault.
  8. What if I don’t have my own car? You can rent a car from one of our experienced drivers to get started.
  9. Do I have to work full time? No. You set your own hours. Many drivers have other jobs and drive taxis part time to make extra money and meet new people.
  10. Do I need special licensing? Tour companies require commercial driver’s licenses (CDL), but they help with the test preparation.
  11. Who pays for my insurance? If you own your car, you pay for your own insurance. If you rent a taxicab, it is already insured and the cost is included in the rental fee. Most new drivers first rent a taxi to find out if they like and are suited to the work. Once they find out the income potential, they often license their own car.
  12. What kind of training will I have to go through? Our standards are the highest anywhere. We will help you study for the Oral Exam. It’s important that you go to every place on the list. You must take the shortest most economical route (unless customer directs you otherwise. For example, the hospital questions will test you on the location of the Emergency entrance and the Main Entrance). For the Written Exam, read the Ordinance. Once you get your license, plan to spend at least 1/2 day in our Dispatch room. You will get a sense of how and what the dispatchers are doing while you watch videos. Our Driver Education includes Safety & Security, Serving the Elderly & Disabled, Hawaiiana, Multi-Cultural training (Taxi Talk in Japanese), Security & Community Policing, Harassment Free Workplace: What is Sexual Harassment, Accident Reporting & Photographing the Scene of Accident, Public Accommodations (ADA compliance), and Charley’s Taxi Orientation and Tutorial in using our high-tech in-car computer with remote control, Credit Card terminal, two-way radio, smart taximeter, and in-car security camera & security procedures. We also conduct several mandatory training classes per year. Certificates are issued for National Safety Council Defensive Driving classes.

If you’d like to drive for Charley’s Taxi, please call us at 233-3333 or fill out this contact form.