Car Rental Alternative

Car Rental Alternative

There’s more than one way to visit all of Oahu’s wonderful sights. For those who plan a lot of daily roaming, a rental car is your obvious choice of transport. However, Charley’s Taxi offers a more economical alternative if you don’t need a car every day of your stay. Plus you’ll avoid the hassle of the airport’s rental car pick-up situation while construction in on-going.


Consider the average cost of a 7-day full-sized sedan rental:

Average full-size sedan rental $566
Parking $245
Gas $97
TOTAL $908

Alternatively, Charley’s Taxi can take you from the airport to your hotel, and back. We can also take you to and from Pearl Harbor. Consider us your on-call chauffeur.


If you still want to get out and see Oahu on your own, a 2-day car rental is a good option.

Roundtrip airport transfer with Charley’s* $58
Pearl Harbor roundtrip with Charley’s* $78
Average full-size sedan rental (2-day) $190
Parking $70
Gas $45
TOTAL $441

With $467 in savings, you get more money for things you enjoy.

You can book your Flat Rate Airport Transfer here, or call 808-233-3333 to make a reservation.

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