Welcome to the online home of Hawaii’s award-winning Charley’s Taxi.

We offer premium transportation and related services for individuals and groups, for all occasions, with flexible scheduling and a variety of vehicle types. We also meet special needs for families traveling with youngsters, elderly and the physically challenged.


  • GPS & Internet communications systems ensure fast and secure service
  • Secure in-car credit card processing
  • Lowest initial meter drop
  • Unrestricted access to military bases
  • Wide variety of vehicles types equipped to accommodate special needs
  • Criminal background and immigration status checks for drivers
  • Japanese and Chinese dispatch
  • High recovery rate for lost items


Get our FREE iPhone App! We created this App to enhance the visitor experience on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The App features speed dial connections to Charley’s 24-hour Dispatch, Reservations for airport, country, or tours, Medicab with special services, a Japanese Language connection and over 250 visitor locations around the island with handy phone numbers that speed dial with the touch of a finger.

Don’t drink and drive, call us instead.

Our taxis can pick you up minutes after you’ve called. And don’t worry about leaving your car behind, we can arrange for another one of our drivers to escort your car home. For advance reservations, call 531-1300. During extra busy times, make a request for our driver to give you a call 10 minutes before arriving at your address so you can plan your time conveniently.