Honolulu Airport Flat Rates

Charley’s Taxi is the fastest and most cost effective way to go to and from Honolulu International Airport. Unlike the shuttle services, which charge per person, Charley’s Taxi charges per car, so you can have four passengers for the price of one. We’ll take you directly to your destination, no driving all over Waikiki, going from hotel to hotel, like the shuttles.

We offer two ways to go, a full service VIP experience and very economical Flat Rates.


Advance reservations are recommended to ensure prompt service upon arrival.

Charley’s Taxi Flat Rates are discounted from the regular meter rate and are a great way to go to and from the Airport. You’ll save money and enjoy peace of mind because these discounted, fixed rates don’t change if there’s bad traffic. You’ll save time because we’ll take you directly to your hotel, unlike the shuttles. And when arriving at HNL you can skip the line at the taxi stands.

WAIKIKI — $29  (Typical meter is $35-38) — Check Map
AULANI — $55 (Typical meter: $65-75)
TURTLE BAY RESORT— $89 (Limited time offer. Typical meter: $145)

Our Waikiki and Aulani Flat Rates to or from the Airport have been so popular with visitors that we’re offering Flat Rates to anyone in these areas: Kalihi Kai, Likelike/School Street, Downtown, Kakaako, UH Manoa Campus, Makiki/McCully, and Manoa. Please check the map links below to see if your Airbnb, home, or office is within one of the zones. If it is, you can count on a discounted Flat Rate to or from the airport. Here are the areas and their flat rates:

Kalihi Kai: $17 (check map)
Likelike/School St.: $20 (check map)
Downtown: $20 (check map)
Kakaako: $25 (check map)
UH Manoa Campus: $29 (check map)
Makiki/McCully: $29 (check map)
Manoa: $35 (check map)

PLEASE CALL ON ARRIVAL — before you leave the airplane: 808-233-3333 (Toll Free: 877-531-1333)

  • Tell the dispatcher your Flight Number and Baggage Claim area.
  • Dispatcher will instruct you on where to wait for pick-up.


  • $5.00 extra charge for each bicycle, golf bag, surfboard or items over 80 pounds, more than 4ft in length, or over 10 cubic feet in size.


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We offer our VIP Full Service Airport packages to Waikiki, Disney’s Aulani and Turtle Bay with a variety of vehicle options. Reserve your ride and relax in your own private car, van or limo. Our driver will meet your party with a luggage cart and a Paging Sign displaying your party’s name. Lei are available for an extra charge.

On the ride to your hotel, driver provides complimentary chilled bottled water, oshibori (hand towel) for each passenger, and a souvenir bag for the ladies. You’ll also receive a Departure Reminder Card noting your return pick-up.


INTERNATIONAL ARRIVALS, add $25 — meet outside of F.I.T. Gate

Executive Taxi Mini Van/
Town Car
Waikiki 90 110 135
Aulani 140 150 165
Waikiki 160 190 255
Aulani 225 250 307
Sprinter Van/
SUV Limousine
Accessible Van
Waikiki 180 150
Aulani 205 180
Waikiki 335 270
Aulani 382 322


  • Executive Taxi/Town Car: up to 4 (3  with bags)
  • Mini Van: up to 6 (4 with bags)
  • SUV: up to 6 with bags
  • Limousines: up to 7 with bags
  • Sprinter Vans: up to 8 with 8 bags
  • Navigator SUV Limousine: up to 7 with 7 bags


  • MOTORCOACH, MINIBUS, VAN available — request quote.
  • Fresh leis: $9 each
  • Upgraded leis: Market price
  • EXTRA CHARGES: $5.00 extra charge for each bicycle, golf bag, surfboard or items over 80 pounds, or over 10 cubic feet in size.
  • Wheelchairs are available by advance request for $10 each. Please specify nature of special needs so we may assist you better.
  • Passengers who damage or soil the taxi will be responsible for a $350 cleaning fee.


  • Fare between Honolulu International Airport and your hotel. Round trip service also available.
  • 4.712% State of Hawaii General Excise Tax
  • 7% Pre-Arranged Ground Transportation Pick-Up Fee (Hawaii DOT)
  • 3% Greeter Fee (Hawaii DOT)
  • Garage Parking Fee (Hawaii DOT)


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DOWNLOAD Charley’s PDF Brochure with complete AIRPORT DETAILS. (Acrobat Reader PDF)