Charley’s Taxi has provided transportation services to Hawaii since 1938. As a 3rd generation, woman-owned business, we are proud to be Hawaii’s premier transportation provider. For more information about our standards for safety, customer service, and cleanliness, please visit our About Us page.

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Many transportation companies impose fees that we don’t believe in. Here are some examples of fees that you won’t pay with Charley’s Taxi:

  • NO surge pricing, EVER!
  • No “Booking Fee” ($1.50)
  • No “Safe Ride Fee” ($1.50)
  • No “Late Fee” ($5 after 2 minutes)
  • No “No-Show Fee” ($5 after 5 minutes)
  • No “Credit Card Fee” ($3.00)
  • No “Mandatory Tip” (20%)

Charley’s Taxi does collect or pass on:

  • Waiting time at pick-up: Ten minutes after the agreed upon pick-up time, driver will charge $15 to wait ten more minutes.
  • Waiting time at a store or other en-route stop: Driver will end the ride, collect payment, and restart the meter.
  • If you need a ride from Oahu’s “outlying areas,” which we define as the Windward side, west of the Airport, and east of Aina Haina, we will contact you by phone to collect a partial prepayment because we get a lot of prank calls and no shows. The prepaid amount will be credited to your final fare. This partial prepayment becomes non-refundable when the driver is dispatched to your pick-up.
  • For rides where pick-up and drop-off are in Oahu’s outlying areas we will collect a non-refundable deadhead fee to be paid in addition to the fare. This fee covers the deadhead (empty) miles driven.
  • Parking fees. For example, at hospitals, businesses, and the airport.
  • City and State “Destination” taxes, which may apply to both pick-up and drop-off. For example, at Aloha Stadium, Pali Lookout, Moanalua Gardens, and Diamond Head.
  • Airport Pick-up Tax (for pick-up service only): 7% State tax is added to the final* meter or flat rate fares.
  • State General excise tax: 4.712%.
  • Passengers who damage or soil the taxi will be responsible for the cost of repairs and/or OSHA compliant cleaning.

* “final fare” means the meter fare after discounts are applied for kamaaina, seniors, persons with special needs. ID is required for kamaaina and senior (65+) discounts. Discounts are not applicable to flat rates.

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