Airport Arrival Portal


The airport’s strict taxi rules specify where drivers can pick you up and how long they can wait.

To efficiently connect with your driver upon arrival, please:

  • Go to our Arrival Portal web page: English Portal / Japanese Portal
  • Enter your booking confirmation, phone number, and bag claim number.
    • Domestic and Canada arrivals use Bag claims 6-11 and 16 to 31
    • International arrivals, please enter 1.
  • Be sure to use the phone number you entered when booking.
  • The Portal web page will direct you to the nearest taxi pick up area.

For assistance, please call:

  • Main dispatch line: 1-808-531-1300
  • Toll-free: 1-877-531-1333 for free from any public phone
  • Japanese Speaking Dispatch toll-free: 1-844-531-1331
  • Regular Japanese Speaking Dispatch line: 1-808-531-1331
  • If you’re having trouble with the Airport’s WiFi or the Arrival Portal page and don’t have a US phone, there is a courtesy phone to the right of the FIT Exit. Please ask the operator to connect you to Charley’s Taxi.

Airport WiFi Access

MOBILE SERVICE AND FREE WIFI AT HNL: The baggage claim areas are a well-known dead zone for many mobile phones.
The airport provides free BOINGO public WiFi in the Domestic Baggage claim halls at Carousels 6-11 and 16-31 and outside the International F.I.T. exit. Coverage does not extend to the curb, Tour Group areas, or parking lots.

To use the airport’s WiFi:

  • Select the BOINGO Hotspot WiFi Network
  • Launch web browser on your device
  • Select Free WiFi to begin your session
  • BOINGO support: Website or by phone 1-800-880-4117

Pre-arranged pick-up areas