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Please select from the tabs below for helpful information about connecting with your taxi at the airport or for our many flat rates.

Airport Arrival Assistance and Information

If you have submitted an ARRIVAL reservation (from airport):

Your reservation will be entered as a “Will Call” order. This means that we are waiting for you to call us upon arrival (see numbers below) at Honolulu International Airport to tell us which baggage claim area (or foreign arrivals exit) in the airport you are closest to.

Domestic Arrivals – Please call when you arrive at baggage claim, or if you have not checked any bags, as you deplane. We need your location in order to direct you to the closest pickup area. Once we receive your call, we will dispatch your taxi and text a more detailed map of your pick-up zone. It normally takes 10-15 minutes during the day and a little longer at night for the taxi to reach you at the pickup location.

  • Main dispatch line is 1-808-531-1221
  • Toll-free: 1-877-531-1333 for free, from any public phone.
  • Flat Rates are one-way, per car, and do not include G.E. Tax, Airport Pick-up fee, or gratuity.


International Arrivals – Please call as you exit US Customs to let us know you are ready. A greeter will direct you to the parking garage across the street from the US Customs individual exit.

  • Main dispatch line is 1-808-531-1333
  • Toll-free: 1-877-531-1333 for free, from any public phone.
  • Japanese Speaking Dispatch toll-free: 1-(844)-531-1331
  • Regular Japanese Speaking Dispatch line: 1-(808)-531-1331

Why do we need you to call us?
The airport strictly enforces time limits on taxis waiting for passengers. Therefore, we try to dispatch our drivers “just in time” to minimize waiting for both our passengers and drivers.

Where are the pick up zones?
Here are some handy illustrations to show you the “green” pick up zones outside the Baggage Claims on Level 1 and those outside the Terminals on Level 2:
Baggage Claims 6-11: outside #11 Claim
Baggage Claims 16-24: outside #19/20 Claims
Baggage Claims 25-31: outside 31 Claim
International Arrivals: across the median in parking structure
Terminal 1, Lobby 2
Terminal 2, Lobby 5
Terminal 2, Lobby 8

Please call our dispatch if you have any last minute questions or changes.

Flat Rates

We’ve added Flat Rate zones between Oahu’s residential areas and Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.

Charley’s Taxi Flat Rates are discounted from the regular meter rate and are a great way to go to and from the Airport. You’ll save money and enjoy peace of mind because these discounted, fixed rates don’t change if there’s bad traffic. Flat Rates are one-way, per car, and do not include G.E. Tax, Airport Pick-up fee, or gratuity.

Kalihi Kai: $17 (check map)

Likelike/School St: $20 (check map)

Downtown: $20 (check map)

Kakaako: $25 (check map)

Waikiki: $29 (check Map)

UH Manoa Campus: $29 (check map)

Makiki/McCully: $29 (check map)

Manoa: $35 (check map)