True Stories of Honest Drivers & Staff


Charley’s Taxi driver returns wallet with a lot of cash

A Charley’s Taxi driver named Larry Ueki found a wallet in the back seat of his cab after dropping off one of our owners at another property. Driver Ueki brought the wallet to Bellman Noah, who informed GSA Toshie, who called and left a message for guest. The wallet had LOTS of cash and one credit card with our guest’s name.

The driver and Noah brought the wallet to me and I counted the cash with 3 pair of eyes on it, sealed it in an envelope and held onto it. Our guest returned around 10:45pm. I confirmed his ID, gave him the wallet and confirmed the cash amount found. Our guest asked me to give a token of his appreciation to the driver, which I did.

Hilton Grand Vacations would like to recognize the driver and Charley’s Taxi for an excellent job, customer service, and honesty. This is one of those stories to make you smile.
–John Reagan, Resort Manager, Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Hilton Hawaiian Village

Unwittingly overpaid, Charley’s driver returns money to customer

Our driver Chun Kit picked up a customer on Tuesday evening around 9:30 from the airport. When she paid, she accidentally gave the driver $50 instead of $20. The driver didn’t realize it for a few minutes, but upon seeing it, called the customer back to let her know and returned the money.

She said she would have never known that she had overpaid because she was that tired. She felt she should call in to let us know how honest the driver was, how much she appreciated that, and to thank Charley’s Taxi for having these types of drivers in the company!

Charley’s Staff Goes To Great Lengths To Return A Customer’s Phone

Following is the story of one team member’s mission to reunite a customer with a lost phone. We are usually able to return property with 10-15 minutes, but when that isn’t possible we don’t give up.

November 13, 2016
A customer left a phone in one of our taxis. I tracked their trip down that same day to their taxi and talked to the driver, who said he had realized just after customers exited his vehicle that they forgot their cell phone and got the attention of airport staff. He said he gave the phone to that staff person to give to the customers. When the customers called later that day after landing in Japan, I realized the airport staff had not been able to get the phone to the customers. I informed them that the airport had their cell phone and to call the Lost and Found. I had tried calling for them, but it was after 4pm and the Lost and Found was already closed. So I gave the number to the customers for them to try at another time.

November 21, 2016
About a week later the same customer called back to say the Airport Lost and Found did not have their phone, but they weren’t sure because their English wasn’t very good.  The Lost and Found was already closed when they called, so I let them know that and that I would call for them the next day and get back to them. I called the Airport Lost and Found, which advised they did not have the phone, so I went to the airport myself to check the ANA counter to see if maybe they were holding it there. However, I got there at around 3 pm and they were already closed for the day, so I was unable to check with them.

November 27, 2016
The customers called again yesterday. I called them back and left a message to let them know what I’ve been doing to locate their phone. I found a number for the ANA office in Honolulu today and tried calling them, but they’re not open on the weekend.

November 28, 2016
Regarding the lost cell phone I’ve been working on finding, I was able to contact the ANA office at the airport and thankfully they had a cell phone that matched the description of the one lost by our customer (turns out driver had handed it to ANA staff to give to the customers). I stopped by the airport on my way in this afternoon and picked it up. It is now with Isabel with the other lost and found items, labeled, and I contacted customer to let him know. He has a friend that will be on island in the next day or two. He will contact us again to either have his friend pick it up from our office or have a driver deliver it to the friend at his hotel. I’ve sent a message to everyone on the Japanese side so that they know and can assist with the pickup or delivery scheduling.

$3,000 in cash safely returned.

JTB called to report that one of their customers who rode with Charley’s Taxi had lost a wallet. Sometimes it requires all of our considerable technology to identify the trip, but in this case JTB let us know it was a Limousine with 6 passengers. We contacted driver Steven Wong and asked him to search his vehicle. Upon finding the wallet with $3,000 cash in it, Mr. Wong went to JTB’s offices to return the wallet. Customer was understandably grateful and insisted on tipping Mr. Wong $20.

Charley’s Taxi Driver Returns $10,000 Cash in Purse Left in Cab
A customer from the Alana Hotel went to the airport and forgot her purse in taxicab. A radio dispatcher called the driver, who was already on his way to Aloha Tower. The driver returned with the lady’s purse and got a “big hug.” The driver told the customer, “you’re lucky you stayed at Alana, which works with Charley’s Taxi. Otherwise, you would probably not have gotten your purse back.” The customer was also grateful to the radio dispatcher.

Charley’s Taxi Driver Finds and Returns $16,000 Cash and Travel Agency Tickets
A group tour conductor took a cab from Aloha Tower to Waikiki Resort. Driver Lovey Contado found the customer’s belonging and took it back to the hotel. The passenger’s husband almost didn’t let Lovey talk to his wife, who was still unaware she lost anything. Lovey refused the $300 reward initially offered. The driver refused another reduced reward of $150, but the customer insisted on taking him to lunch at the Halekulani Hotel.

Same Driver Finds and Returns $700 Cash
An employee of Princess Kaiulani went from Aloha Tower to bar on Kapi‘olani and left $712 in an envelope in Lovey’s taxi. Lovey went back to find the customer, who didn’t realize he was missing his envelope. The customer then asked to be driven home. Lovey once again refused a reward.

Drivers goes the extra mile
A driver called to report finding a small black bag in his car. He did not have contact information for the customers he believed it belonged to. Because they were Japanese customers, he passed the information on to me and when the customers happened to call back asking about it I was able to connect directly with the driver and the he chose to hand deliver the bag directly to the customers, who were still in a restaurant.