Don’t Drink and Drive — Call Us Instead



For advance reservations, call 531-1300. Our taxis can pick you up in minutes. Plus, for the cost of a round trip you can arrange for us to take you and your car home at the same time. The next day you won’t have to ask for a ride to hunt for your car, and you can be sure it wasn’t towed.

During extra busy times, request for our driver to give you a call 10 minutes before arriving at your address so you can plan your time conveniently.

The Safe Alternative to Driving Drunk

We’re huge supporters of responsible driving and want to do our part to ensure that Hawaii’s roads stay safe. A quick call to Charley’s Taxi and you’re as good as home — conveniently, affordably, but most importantly, safely.

A Guide to Responsible Driving

How do you know when to call Charley’s Taxi? Here’s a quick guide to help you make the wise decision.

Hawaii Blood Alcohol Limit = .08
Your actual BAC depends on many factors. The numbers below are estimates.

Drinks in 1 hour
(1 drink = 1oz 100-proof liquor, 5oz wine or 12oz beer)

Weight 1 2 3 4 5 6
100 lbs. 0.038 0.075 0.113 0.150 0.188 0.225
120 lbs. 0.031 0.063 0.094 0.125 0.156 0.188
140 lbs. 0.027 0.054 0.080 0.107 0.134 0.161
160 lbs. 0.023 0.047 0.070 0.094 0.117 0.141
180 lbs. 0.021 0.042 0.063 0.083 0.104 0.125
200 lbs. 0.019 0.038 0.056 0.075 0.094 0.113
220 lbs. 0.017 0.034 0.051 0.068 0.085 0.102
240 lbs. 0.016 0.031 0.047 0.063 0.078 0.094


So what happens if you’re arrested for driving impaired?

Your Driver’s License is revoked for one year if you’re arrested for driving under the influence of an intoxicant, longer if you have prior law enforcement contacts.

If you’re subsequently convicted, you may face fees for an alcohol assessment, a fine, community service, jail, or even a combination of these sentences.

Why take a chance with your life or your driver’s license when you don’t have to? Call us the next time you need a ride home.


We can make it even easier with our Voucher & Charge Back system for organizations. All you do is sign the voucher, and payment will be collected at a later time through your organization.


Passengers who damage or soil the taxi will be responsible for a $250 cleaning fee.