“For over ten years, Charley’s Taxi has played a vital role in providing our agency with the necessary transportation to help visitors in crisis. Charley’s Taxi has donated countless complimentary rides and we are extremely grateful for their support. Charley’s Taxi is there when visitors need a ride after becoming stranded by the side of the road following the theft of their vehicle, when a medical or bereavement emergency requires a last-minute change in plans and when they need to get to the airport, hospital, cruise ship, mortuary or other destination. Charley’s Taxi graciously accommodates special requests, including assigning foreign language speaking drivers and providing handicap-access vehicles. Thanks to their courteous service, instead of leaving with a negative feeling about Hawaii, visitors go home with a positive experience.

We cannot thank Dale Evans and Charley’s Taxi enough for their wonderful support throughout the years. We are truly grateful for their commitment to sharing the Aloha Spirit with our visitors and being a major part of the tourism industry.”

Jessica Lani Rich, Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii

“I took a taxi to UH for a presentation to the TIM School Criminal Justice class. After getting there and reviewing my notes I realized that I had misplaced or lost my cell phone. I immediately called Charley’s and asked them to check the taxi that had dropped me off. I also told the Dispatcher that I would call her back after my speech. I got a ride home and I was praying that I forgot my phone in the house. No luck, so I called Charley’s and the Dispatcher said the driver brought the phone to the office. A driver brought it to me at home, which gave me great relief! Thank you for your lost and found program!”

Lani Bjork

“The driver who got me from point A to point B couldn’t have been more awesome! He was kind, polite and a great conversationalist!”

Tiffani Sargent, Waikiki

“Every Holiday Season my fianceé and I enjoy making ALL the festivities and dinner parties with our friends and clients without driving. We depend on Charley’s to pick us up and take us home and the service has been excellent for as long as I can remember. Thanks for helping us enjoy each season to its fullest, safely. Keep up the good work! Aloha”

H. Griffith

“Being from an outer island, I really dreaded the thought of renting a car and driving on O´ahu. It was my good fortune to have met [driver] John Metar on my first trip! He is such a fine person with a real feeling for serving people in the old Aloha style. He has always been on time, pleasant, courteous and helpful beyond his job description! I think your company is blessed to have such a fine person to represent you. Thank you for being there for me John – and Charley’s. Aloha”

Toby Rogooff, proprietress, Calasa Service, Kula, Maui

“Mahalo to Charley’s Taxi and Limousine for returning my cell phone. Please thank all the staff that were involved and especially the considerate individual who took the time to bubble-wrap it! It arrived in perfect shape! Thanks again.”

John M. Ladd

“Left my car a little bit into the tow away time, went back to move it, saw it leaving attached to a tow truck. Found a phone, called and found where it had gone, called a cab and went to the place. Learned they only take cash $85! Who carries that much cash?? And by then, banks closed. I do not use ATMs and have no PIN #s. Another cab picked me up, listened to the tale of woe very sympathetically, took me to a distant supermarket with a bank branch still open. While I was getting cash, he wandered off and came back with groceries. He handed me a slice of custard pie and bottle of Sprite “to make you feel better”! Now, how sweet is that??!! I nearly wept.

When I got the car, it had a ticket on it for $70. I did not care because I felt much better, full of custard pie. That darling man goes by the name of TV, is from Niue and drives for Charley’s. He has a very bright shiny halo. Best”

Mimi Forsyth

“I had the nicest Charley’s cab driver who drove me to the airport at the end of March. He was an old guy who had sheet music of an old hapa haole song, and told me he was taking ukulele lessons. I asked him if he could sing the song – so I was serenaded all the way to the airport! Where but here could a passenger be treated to something so sweet? A real gentleman.”

Dion Coschigano, Verizon, Honolulu

“I took a cab about noon from Ala Moana Center to Waikiki Sunset hotel. Upon entering the lobby, I realized that I left one important package on the back seat of the cab. I immediately asked the front desk clerk to call Charley’s to locate my package. Minutes later, the clerk notified me that the attempt to locate my package was unsuccessful. At that time, I really felt so sad and depressed. I was just looking outside, contemplating this disastrous situation when a familiar looking cab stopped in front of the hotel. At that time, I felt it was close to a miracle!

My cab driver just entered the hotel with my lost package!!! I was so overwhelmed with joy and relief that tears started flowing out of my eyes like a raindrop. I couldn’t even react when my cab driver (Mr. X) tapped twice on my shoulder, raised his hand and left. Now, I deeply regret that I didn’t even have the guts to thank Mr. X personally due to language barrier and give him a handsome tip.

Back in Japan, I’ve decided that I have to somehow express and relay my appreciation and gratitude to Mr. X. He was so kind. By inquiring the travel agent, I was able to get the name of the owner and address of Charley’s Taxi. I still recall how comfortable the ride was to the hotel. The seat was so soft! While I was riding, the radio was tuned to a Japanese station. I really felt at home.

My trip to Hawai´i was great, fantastic and memorable – only because of Mr. X and Charley’s! Right now, I am working very hard and planning another trip to Hawai´i. I am looking forward to riding Charley’s Taxi again! I would like to give my best regards to Mr. X and say hello and Aloha to all the staff of Charley’s. Please take care.”

Kazuyo Sasa, from Nagoya, Japan

To Charley’s Taxi from
Missile Defense Agency (MDA),
International Affairs
September 2008:

I wish to express my appreciation for the excellent support by your organization in supporting me during our Ballistic Missile Defense Multinational Conference in Hawaii, 6-12 September 2008. The support we received from your staff was outstanding! The Conference is a gathering of over 21 countries with roughly 850 delegates. We have held these conferences all over the world. Last year we convened in the Netherlands and next year we will meet in France. Your superb staff support contributed immeasurably to the success of our participation at the conference.

I was responsible for managing seven Senior Generals, ten Senior Executive Government officials; to include the Under Secretary of State, Department of Defense Officials, foreign heads of state and approximately fifty other senior officials within MDA. Plus, the detailed itinerary for the Director and their logistics. Your superb staff support contributed immeasurably to the success of their participation at the conference. The support we received did not go unnoticed by the Director and our senior executives. As you can imagine the scheduling difficulties and the changes that occur during an event like this were numerous.

In particular, your point of contact for all logistics was superb. Additionally, your transportation coordinators truly distinguished themselves as being dedicated and an invaluable asset, could not have done without them. And certainly the most important were the drivers — they were terrific, professional and you should be proud to have three such excellent individuals working on your staff.

Again, please express my gratitude and thanks for a job well done!

Thomas J. Blume
Senior Analyst/Program manager
Missile Defense Agency (MDA), International Affairs