Charley’s Taxi is Recruiting Taxi Drivers

Charley’s Taxi is Recruiting Taxi Drivers


Drive for us and get 1 month FREE Stall Rent and FREE Decal, a $1,073.29 value.*

*Requirements & Conditions: 

  1. New driver must have own vehicle, subject to approval by Charley’s Taxi. 
  2. New driver must be on duty for 3 months to collect discount.
  3. Offer valid for new drivers who sign on before 12/31/16.


You’ve started driving for an app-based transportation company service and you love the lifestyle. You love the freedom. You love meeting new people, you love making your own hours and not having a boss looking over your shoulder.

Problem is, you no longer love the company you signed up with. Little by little, they’ve increased their fees and lowered your rates. At this point, you could make more money delivering pizzas.

Why not kick it up a notch? Become a professional driver and keep all the benefits, but make more money. Maybe they told you that taxi companies are the devil, but that’s because taxi drivers earnings are far greater. We also provide you with exceptional training, safety features, and opportunities to grow your business to multiple taxicabs.

Build on your driving experience and become a professional Taxi driver with Charley’s Taxi.

Here are some questions our new drivers often ask us:

  1. How much will I make? Mile for mile, you will definitely make more money. Many of our drivers make six-figures a year.
  2. How many fares will I have per hour? Will I be sitting around waiting to get passengers? Our drivers rarely sit around idle. In addition to regular taxi customers we have many established accounts and routes that keep our drivers very busy. Notably, Japanese tour companies contract with us because Japanese tourists typically want taxis only and do not trust ride-sharing programs. Once you prove yourself, you can drive for our regular corporate accounts, which we find for you.
  3. I like app-based transportation companies because they’re progressive and tech savvy. Phoning for a taxi is outdated. Charley’s Taxi also has an App customers can use to book a taxi. We also offer booking by phone and email in English and Japanese, plus our website. As you can see, we offer far more than the others do.
  4. Do I have to share my tips with the company? NO! Your tips belong to you.
  5. Do taxis charge Surge Prices? NO!
  6. If I get in an accident, can I be personally sued for all of my assets? No. This is a major benefit of working with a licensed taxi or tour company. You are covered with commercial insurance.
  7. What if I don’t have my own car? You can rent a car from one of our experienced drivers. Maybe someday, you can have a fleet of cars like they do, and you can rent your car(s) to someone else.
  8. Do I have to work full time? No. You set your own hours. Many drivers have other jobs and drive taxis part time to make extra money and meet new people.
  9. Do I need special licensing? Tour companies require commercial driver’s licenses (CDL), but they help with the test preparation.
  10. Who pays for my insurance? If you own your car, you pay for your own insurance. If you rent a taxicab, it is already insured and cost is in the rental fee. Most new drivers first rent a taxi to find out if they like and are suited to the work. Once they find out the income potential, they often license their own car.
  11. What kind of training will I have to go through? Our standards are the highest anywhere.We will help you study for the Oral Exam. It’s important that you go to every place on the list. You must take the shortest most economical route (unless customer directs you otherwise. For example, the hospital questions will test you on the location of the Emergency entrance and the Main Entrance). For the Written Exam, read the Ordinance.Once you get your license, plan to spend at least 1/2 day in our Dispatch room. You will get a sense of how and what the dispatchers are doing while you watch videos. Our Driver-Education includes Safety & Security, Serving the Elderly & Disabled, Hawaiiana, Multi-Cultural training (Taxi Talk in Japanese), Security & Community Policing, Harassment Free Workplace: What is Sexual Harassment, Accident Reporting & Photographing the Scene of Accident, Public Accommodations (ADA compliance), and Charley’s Taxi Orientation and Tutorial in using our high-tech in-car computer with remote control, Credit Card terminal, two-way radio, smart taximeter, and in-car security camera & security procedures.We also conduct several mandatory training classes per year. Certificates are issued for First Aid & CPR Training, and the National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving classes.
  12. What is the background check like? You will be fingerprinted to get your Taxicab Driver’s License. HPD runs the background check and returns it to the Customer Service Department who decides your qualifications.


If you’d like to be a Charley’s Taxi Driver, please contact us.


Job Title: Taxi Driver
Job Location: Honolulu, HI